If you want a deck around your home to enlarge your living area so you can cook, eat, and relax outdoors, you may want a custom wooden deck built. A custom deck gives you a chance to design the ideal shape and size so you have as much room as you need. Here are some suggestions for designing your custom wooden deck.

Start By Making Drawings

Draw your plan as best as you can as the deck will look against your home and around the trees in your yard. Change it as often as you like until it's perfect. You may even want to mark the area with construction tape outdoors so you can see exactly how the size and shape will look in your yard.

Consider The View You'll Have

If you have an attractive view from your deck, you may want to save an area on your deck that has a wide-open view as a lounge area so you'll always have a relaxing scene when you're sitting outside. Otherwise, you may want privacy built into the deck so that neighbors can't watch you as you cook, eat, or entertain.

Choose What Features You Want On The Deck

You might want built-in benches that can double as plant holders and a privacy screen. You might want a cover for part of the deck. You may want one part of the deck reinforced so you can set a hot tub on it. If you have a mature tree in the way, you might want the deck built around it so that you can sit in the shade.

Spend some time in your yard at various times of the day so you know where the sun will be when you're relaxing or cooking. Think of all the things that would make your custom wooden deck special for your family and guests. You can always take features out later when you need to compromise to fit your budget.

Set Your Budget And Talk To A Deck Builder

A deck builder needs formal plans to build your deck, so the next step is to show them your drawing with the features you want. Let them know your budget and get recommendations for how to trim your deck down if you need to.

The builder will have plans made up for you to approve, and if you like the plans, the builder can order supplies and get started on your custom deck. Building a custom deck from the initial planning phase to completion can take time, so the sooner you get started on your plans, the sooner you can enjoy your new deck.

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