If you have a few home improvement projects to check off your list, hiring a handyman can help. While many homeowners choose to do as much work as they can, there are times when additional help is needed. Hiring a handyman is your best bet if you need extra help, but the project isn't big enough for you to hire a contractor. Here's what to know about handyman services.  

What Services Are Available

The first thing to know about handyman services is what they typically include. Each handyman is different, but they are typically available for minor home repairs or renovations. Anything you don't feel comfortable tackling on your own can be left to a handyman. Handymen often patch and paint walls, replace faucets, hook up appliances, clean gutters, and perform other tasks around the house. If you need help inside your home, you can likely get it from a handyman. If you're not sure about what services are offered, a quick call to your local handyman will typically answer all of your questions. 

How Much These Services Cost

Another thing to know about handyman services is how much they cost. What you pay depends on what services you need and the hourly rate of the handyman you hire. The bigger the job, the more you will pay for these services. Usually, a handyman will charge between $75 and $150 for a small job, $150 to $300 for a medium-sized job, and between $300 and $1,000 for a large job. If any materials or parts are needed, you will also be responsible for those expenses. Before hiring a handyman, ask about their rates and get an estimate of how much your work will cost.

How Long Handyman Services Take

Another to consider is how long handyman services take. A small job may only take one hour while a larger job may take a few days. Many handymen have a minimum service fee. If you have a small job for a handyman, make sure to ask if there's a minimum service fee. The good news is that hiring one of these professionals will save you a lot of time and effort.

There are a few things to know about handyman services. First, you'll want to consider what services are offered. Second, the cost of these services varies, so keep your budget in mind. Finally, how long the work to your home takes can range from an hour to a few days. 

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