If your child is confined to a wheelchair, and you're moving into a multi-level home, now's the time to invest in a residential wheelchair lift. If your child is still young, you might not think that you need a wheelchair lift, but that's not necessarily the case. Your child might be too young to move their own wheelchair right now, but that may change over time. Here are just four of the reasons to invest in a wheelchair lift for your home. 

Provide Greater Independence

If your child has been navigating the entire house with their wheelchair, they might be worried about living in a multi-story home. This is especially true if the house isn't already equipped with a wheelchair lift or elevator. Unfortunately, without those accommodations, your child may be limited to the first story of your new home. Or, they may need to rely on family members to help them navigate the upper level. To provide your child with greater independence, be sure to install a wheelchair lift in your new home. That way, your child can move throughout the house, without added assistance. 

Accommodate Changing Needs

If your child is young, you may be able to move their wheelchair from level to level in your new home. However, as your child grows, that may no longer be a viable option. That's where a wheelchair lift comes into the picture. One of the benefits of installing a wheelchair lift is that it helps to accommodate your child's changing mobility needs. Once you have a wheelchair lift, you'll no longer need to navigate the stairs with your child, or with their wheelchair. 

Reduce Personal Injury Risks

If you haven't scheduled the installation of a wheelchair lift for your new home, you need to consider the risk of personal injuries. Trying to carry your child up the stairs could result in injuries to you, or to your child. Luckily, you can avoid the risk by installing a wheelchair lift in your new home. Wheelchair lifts provide a safe and secure way for your child to navigate from level to level within the house. 

Avoid Wheelchair Damage

If your child relies on their wheelchair for mobility, you need to take steps to avoid damages. Wheelchair repairs can be costly. Not only that, but a damaged wheelchair can interfere with your child's mobility. Unfortunately, trying to move a wheelchair up a steep flight of stairs can increase the risk of damage. To avoid the damage, install a wheelchair lift in your new home. 

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