Vinyl and wood are the main choices for replacement windows. Compare the two side by side to see which you prefer.


Vinyl and wood score relatively evenly when it comes to durability, but for different reasons. Vinyl windows are resistant to water damage and can last for decades without any fading or cracking. Their main weakness is a hard impact, such as from a thrown baseball or targeted hailstone strike, which can crack the vinyl. Newer options may have a wooden core, which helps eliminate even this issue. In this case, vinyl may just win the durability contest.

Wood windows aren't easily damaged by impacts, but weathering can destroy them in short order if precautions aren't taken. If moisture makes its way into the wood, then rot can set in. UV rays from the sun, along with heat, can cause wood to dry out and begin to crack, as well. Wood windows must be inspected frequently to make sure they are free of weathering damage, as once damage sets in all durability is lost.


When it comes to maintenance, vinyl is the big winner. Vinyl windows don't ever require paint. The color is mixed into the vinyl during the manufacturing process so that fading is minimal and chips are non-existent. Vinyl can get a bit dusty and dirty, but it is simple to clean with plain water or with the help of a mild soap for stubborn dirt. It's also a good idea to inspect the frames seasonally for any gaps or peeling caulk, which can easily be re-caulked as necessary.

Wood windows, on the other hand, require ongoing maintenance. They must be inspected annually for any paint fading, peeling, bubbling, or chipping. If the paint shows these signs, then the frames need to be scraped and repainted. If the frames go with paint damage for too long, they will also need to be checked for signs of rot. Rot means the entire frame or at least the rotted section must be replaced.


Vinyl windows are almost as versatile as wood when it comes to design. The frames come in a large range of colors to match any home or design preference. They also come in a variety of shapes and styles. Vinyl windows can also fit many glass designs, from holding simple casement windows to supporting large picture windows.

Wood offers the same functional designs as vinyl but has the added benefit of complete customization of color. Further, you can easily change the color of wood windows whenever you like. Of course, this comes at the cost of more maintenance.

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