Fireplaces are a cozy addition to both the inside and outside of your home all year round. But the wood you choose is very important. Different types of wood provide varying warmth, longevity, and aromas. But some types of wood create more creosote and resin buildup than others. You should choose a wood that provides the benefits you desire but reduces any problems. Here is more information about different types of firewood, their benefits, and drawbacks, if any.

Long Burning Wood

Oak is one of the best overall types of wood for the home fireplace, booth indoors and outdoors. This type of wood gives out good, steady heat over a long period. Ash is also a very nice choice, especially for outdoor fireplaces. One good thing about ash is it burns well even if it's not completely dry. However, ash burns much cleaner when it's fully seasoned.

Hot Burning Wood

Both oak and ash burn hot, but beech and ironwood are especially well-known for their heat. Birchbark makes a very good ignition point as it catches fire very easily. However, birch does burn a bit fast. Apple and American beech wood are also exceptional in the amount of heat they produce.

Good-Smelling Wood

In addition to burning fast, apple also produces a great fragrance. Well-seasoned cherry wood is often considered one of the nicest smelling woods available. If you want a more traditional smell, then burn hickory. Mesquite is great if you plan to use your fire for cooking. Its aroma is added to the food and enhances the flavor. Cedar and pine wood also smell great, but they aren't the best for burning. Also, these two kinds of wood tend to pop and spit out embers, so you shouldn't burn them inside or outside in an open area.

Poor Burning Wood

Don't try burning any type of wood. For the best, most clean-burning results, choose a hardwood. Certain wood types from soft coniferous trees have excessive resin and pitch that will coat your chimney. This could be a fire hazard if allowed to build up. Some wood, such as spruce, will burn hot and fast but are often considered less desirable overall.

Fireplaces are a great focal piece for your home and add extra comfort with heat and light. Choosing the right wood enhances your experience, so choose wisely. If you are in the market for a fireplace, then contact a company that has fireplaces for sale for more information. They may also give you suggestions about the best type of wood for your model.