Shower doors can make a huge difference in your bathroom. When you want to change up the look and feel of your bathroom, it is important that you consider the tub and shower. They are the centerpiece of the room, and you want to make sure that they look fabulous.

The type of shower or bath you have will impact the kind of door you need. For instance, a bathtub-shower combo will need different doors from a walk-in shower. Not sure what kind of shower door you want to choose? Check out these doors for your bathroom remodel.

Sliding and Bypass Doors

These doors are great if you have a small bathroom and a bathtub-shower combo. The shower door consists of two or three panels and requires no space surrounding the shower to open and close the door. The doors can feature different designs, including frosted glass, and different colors.

Pivot and Hinged Doors

These doors swing open from one side. This makes this door a great choice if you have a shower in the corner or in an alcove. If you are unable to use a sliding door because of the size of your shower, this is a fantastic alternative. You can also choose to have the doors swinging inward if you don't have much space.

Round Doors

If you are short on space, round doors are a great choice. A corner shower with a round door is convenient, and you can also use this door to take up less space in your shower. Again, these doors can open inward or outward.

Barrier-Free Showers

A fixed door panel helps create a barrier-free shower. This panel acts as a shield, preventing water from getting to the floor while creating an open environment. This can make your bathroom appear bigger.

Hire a Professional

When it comes to something like shower door installation, it is wise to hire a pro for the job. Your shower doors need to be installed correctly to prevent breaking, which is always a concern when you are doing something with glass and other materials that can shatter.

You can also speak with a bathroom design service to direct you toward the best shower doors for your bathroom. You may realize that the amount of space you need to enter and exit the shower requires a specific kind of door, or perhaps a professional can direct you toward a design you have yet to consider.