Your home is your largest investment, and when you consider all the furnishings and valuables you keep within its walls you have a great amount of equity built up in the structure. Here are some recommendations for your home's window management to help you keep your home interior more comfortable and protected with additional safety.

Install the Right Type of Window Treatments

Your home's windows allow in natural light but can also be a source of energy loss, either with improper heat transfer during the summer and the winter. Because of this fact, it is important to cover your windows with the right type of window covering.

Based on your home's position within the sun's natural progression through the sky and the climate of your area, you can select the type of window covering to complement your home interior design and optimize your heating and cooling. First, look at windows facing a southern and south-western direction, which receive direct sunlight in the afternoon. With roller window coverings, you can block out the sun to prevent solar heat gain and fading of your home's surfaces.

You can also install roller coverings on all your home's windows to provide you security and privacy at night with block out features. This type of window covering is great for bedrooms and bathroom spaces. And for spaces you want to create privacy but still allow in some natural light, there are light filtering blinds that will provide this feature. Light filtering blinds can be placed on windows facing in all directions relative to the sun's position in the sky.

Be sure you look at a motorized roller window covering for windows that are set high up in a room and hard-to-reach places, such as behind furniture. You can also find roller coverings that are easy to adjust and only require a light touch to move them up or down.

Use Outdoor Window Treatments

Exterior window treatments can also be a benefit to your home and its security. Hurricane shutters that roll down and over your window on the outside can protect your window glass during extreme winds and storms and can provide interior privacy and safety. Be sure to have them installed by a licensed service professional so your home exterior is not damaged and the improvement will boost your home's value.

You can additionally install exterior blinds, which you can adjust to filter in any amount of light and to block out the sun. Or exterior awnings can provide similar protection from the sun during the heat of summer when the sun sits higher in the sky.