Many homeowners put off bathroom renovations because of how big of a job it is and how much it can cost to complete. Well, why not make the bathroom renovations help pay for themselves? Here, you'll find a few tips that can help reduce the energy consumption in your bathroom to help recoup some of the cost of the project.

Shop High Efficiency Toilets

One thing that's used more than most things in your house is the toilet. If you were to count the number of times your toilet is flushed in a day, you'd probably be pretty surprised. Now, calculate how much water is used with each flush – it adds up much faster than you might think.

With a high-efficiency toilet, you won't be wasting as much water as your old toilet did. These toilets are designed to flush quickly without using as much clean water to wash away the waste. This could reduce your water bill substantially over the next few years.

Reach out to a company like Pacific Toilets, LLC to learn more.

Low-Flow High-Pressure Shower Head

High water pressure doesn't have to mean the use of a lot of water. There are some really well-designed low-flow high-pressure shower heads on the market today. These shower heads are designed to give you the feel of the high-pressure shower that everyone loves, without using all of the water that doesn't need to be wasted. Lower water use, improved shower conditions – sounds like a win-win!

Heated Flooring

If your bathroom is chillier than the rest of the house, consider installing heated flooring in the space. This form of heat radiates up into the bathroom and will maintain a steady temperature – you won't have to wait to hear the furnace kick on and fill the bathroom with warmth before you can get out without freezing.

Heated flooring can be installed under tile, laminate, and some vinyl flooring. It does take some work to install, but it is a system that you'll love having and you won't have to use any portable heaters when the temps drop really low.


You've probably heard by now that you need to get rid of those old light bulbs and upgrade to LED, but have you done it yet? Well, when you replace those lighting fixtures in the bathroom, don't put those old bulbs back in – replace them with clean, white LED bulbs that will brighten the space up while using less electricity to do so.

These are just a few of the things that can help your bathroom renovations pay for themselves over the years. Hopefully, they inspire you to go ahead and make changes – it will be worth it!