Finding a place to live is not always the easiest task to accomplish, especially when you are determined to meet certain requirements. Moving into a two-bedroom apartment in which you use one bedroom and a roommate uses the other will make it a more affordable experience.

If you still want to enjoy high-quality living with a roommate, you should consider prioritizing certain features and details when finding a two-bedroom apartment to apply for.

Bedroom Features

An important thing to look at is the features that you come across in each bedroom. Ideally, you should try to avoid making any sacrifices by choosing one bedroom over the other. This means that you will benefit from finding an apartment in which both of the bedrooms are identical.

The main thing that you should expect to be different is the view, simply because each bedroom will be located in a different space within the building. However, if the bedrooms are located next to each other in the apartment, you should find that the view is quite similar to one another.

Bathroom Vanity

Many apartments will come with a standard bathroom in which everything is locked behind a single door. However, you may want to find a two-bedroom apartment where the vanity is located away from the toilet, bathtub, and shower because this will allow for you and your roommate to handle bathroom activities at the same time. For instance, your roommate will be able to use the toilet or take a shower while you brush your teeth or wash your hair at the sink.

This kind of setup is also ideal when you intend on inviting family and friends over to the apartment on a regular basis as it will keep one bathroom from being too busy.

Parking Spaces

When you are going through all your apartment options, you will benefit from analyzing the parking situation in every community or complex. For instance, you may find some complexes that only allow you to get a single reserved parking spot, which means you or your roommate will need to either rotate access to the spot or give it up entirely. An ideal situation is when you find an apartment that allows you to pay for an extra parking spot within the community.

If you are willing to take your time with finding a two-bedroom apartment by demanding the right features and qualities, you should have no problem being satisfied with the apartment that you move into with a roommate.