If you are planning to go on a long vacation for several weeks or even a month or two, you will have many things to take care of before you leave home. Home maintenance tasks are of course among those things. However, you may be unsure of exactly what you should take care of before you go and what can wait until you get back. Get to know some of the home maintenance tasks that you should complete before your long vacation. These things will help your home will be as prepared as possible for your absence. 

Get Your Roof Inspected

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home when it comes to protecting it from the elements. As such, you want to be sure that your roof is in top shape when you leave on a long vacation. 

A roofing contractor will go up on your roof and take a close look around. They will be looking for broken or missing shingles, any bubbling, bulging, or sagging in your roof, and other signs of damage. If there is significant damage, you will want to have your roof repaired or potentially even replaced before you go on your vacation. This will give you peace of mind that your home will be safe from roof-related water damage when you are gone.

Clean Your Gutters

Another of the tasks you will want to complete before you head out on your trip is to have your gutters cleaned (or do it yourself). Gutter cleaning is important because of the major effects clogged gutters can have on the home.

Firstly, clogged gutters can cause water to overflow from the gutters and saturate the earth around your foundation. When this happens, your basement could potentially flood, causing severe water damage inside of your home.

Secondly, clogged gutters can cause debris from the gutters to get pushed up onto the roof and even under the shingles along the edge of your roof. This can lead to severe damage to the structure of the roof and can cause leaks in the roof, which, in turn, will cause water damage inside your home.

Get your gutters thoroughly cleaned out before you leave on your trip and you will hopefully be able to avoid these problems. If you are traveling in the fall, you may want to schedule additional gutter cleaning services while you are gone to keep your gutters clean during the worst season for debris buildup. Contact a company like Mile High Seamless Gutters for help with gutter cleaning.

Now that you know some of the home maintenance tasks to complete before your long vacation, you can get these started as soon as possible and be as prepared as you can be for your big trip.