If you're like many people, you're often disappointed with your efforts in the kitchen. You may even be frustrated because you've spent money on all the latest kitchen gadgets and do your best to always buy top-quality ingredients, but your food still doesn't come out as good as you think it should. This may be because your kitchen is simply difficult to work in. Before you run out and buy even more kitchen gadgets, consider adding these three features to your kitchen's big picture. 

Layered Lighting

Bright ambient lighting is important in a kitchen because adds a warm, cozy glow that's pleasant to work in as well as eliminates shadowy areas. However, it is also important to add bright, direct task lighting in food preparation areas, over the range, and over the sink. If you're mincing garlic, for instance, not being able to see what you're doing very well could result in the individual pieces of garlic being too large. This will have an impact on the flavor of the food because the flavor of garlic gets stronger the more finely it's chopped.

It's also important to be able to see the contents of saucepans and skillets while they're on top of the stove. Otherwise, you risk burning food or not cooking it enough. You'll also feel more confident in the kitchen when you can see what you are doing.

Cork Flooring

Even for those who love to cook, no kitchen task is pleasant when aching feet are a part of the picture, and rushing through food preparation tasks to get off your feet is likely to compromise the overall quality of the finished meal. Cork flooring is ideal for those who suffer foot pain as a result of standing for too long. 

Enough Counter Space

Most home cooks vastly underestimate the amount of counter space that they need only to find out that they were sadly mistaken. Meal preparation activities are difficult and unpleasant if you're constantly cramped for space, and it can have unintended negative consequences on the actual safety of the food as well. When food is crammed together on the counter while in the preparation stage, the situation is ripe for cross-contamination to occur. If raw meat touches your salad ingredients, for instance, you and those with whom you're sharing the meal are at risk of getting sick from foodborne bacteria. 

For more information on kitchen lighting, contact your local lighting design services.