You put the "mod" in "Mod Squad." If your friends want to know what "modern" is, they ask you first. Yet, do you really know everything there is to know about modern design? For example, do you know that modern design extends to such mundane things as kitchen cabinets? You should read the follow to be sure you know, in case someone you know puts your knowledge to the test. These are the defining features of modern cabinet designs.


Minimalism has a sibling, and it is modern design, or so they say. Faces on these cabinets are flat, lacking most flourishes. The cabinets and paneling are very square. They are always painted black, white, gray or silver. Most homeowners that like the modern style pick black or silver to match their chrome appliances.

Chrome-and Lots of It

What else says modern besides a lot of chrome? You can choose flat brushed metal chrome or extra shiny silver chrome. Either way, your fixtures, your cabinet hardware, and your appliances all have some chrome. The whole of this kitchen design screams of the futuristic vision of those still living in the '60's, but with an updated look that fits this decade.

Cabinet Hardware That Is Also Minimal

While your cabinet hardware may be brushed nickel chrome or shiny silver chrome, it is still minimal in design, too. The handles are very basic, with straight, angular, or geometric influences. Sticking true to the design style, you should not get too decorative with your cabinet hardware. You can make the hardware stand out by fastening it to matte black cabinets.

Disguising Appliances with Cabinet Doors

Additionally, a very popular feature to this design style is hiding your appliances in plain sight with cabinetry. The front of your dishwasher and your refrigerator are hidden from view by cabinet panels. Because every attempt is made to make these panels flush with the cabinets around them, you cannot tell you have appliances in the kitchen. You could do the same to your stove, but it works better if you place your range within an center island and then surround the island with cabinetry that hides the range door.

Doors also hide a microwave shelf. The microwave is installed into the wall on a shelf. Then the standard cabinet doors hide the front of the microwave when it is not in use. A slide-out shelf provides easier access to the microwave when you need to use it.