A visually pleasing alternative to downspouts, copper rain chains allow the water from the rain to cascade down from your gutters to the ground in a unique manner. If you've decided that you want to buy one or more sets of copper rain chains for your yard, you'll have a wide selection of products from which to choose. While there's nothing wrong with buying a standard-looking set, you might alternatively wish to look for rain chains that are a little more catchy looking. Whether you're shopping online or in a home and garden supply store, you can often find a product that fits in well with its surrounding environment or with your interests. Here are some examples.

Modern Look

By design, copper rain chains generally have a rustic quality to them. However, there are still lots of these products that can suit a modern sense of style. If your house has a modern exterior and you aren't looking for anything rustic, you can find copper rain chains to suit the look of the dwelling if you want. For example, instead of cups along the length of the chain that are shaped like traditional saucers, you might find some that are square, which could work well with your modern design sense.

Garden Theme

If you're someone who enjoys gardening, you might look for copper rain chains that tie in with this interest. It can be visually pleasing to be in a garden full of plants and look over to your home to see an appropriately shaped copper rain chain hanging down. For example, you can commonly find copper rain chains with cups that are shaped or otherwise marked like flowers, leaves, or vines. Depending on what you grow in your garden, you may even be able to find copper rain chains that are a close match.

Music Look

If you're an avid musician, you might be excited to find a set of copper rain chains that are shaped like small, inverted bells. Such products are common, and the shine of the copper truly gives this accessory a nice look for those who enjoy music and even though who don't. As the rain passes through the bell-shaped receptacles and makes a tinkling sound, you'll almost swear that Mother Nature is "playing" the bells for you. If you have a different interest or a different look that you want to match, browse the copper rain chain selection at several retailers to find a product that suits you.