If you have a lot of pictures of family and trips, you want to display them, right? However, straight photo collages are a thing of the past. While one of those multiple picture frames is fine for a side wall, a more creative idea is to create a full gallery wall. Such a wall not only incorporates your photos, it can include found items that help tell a story as well. Have your pictures custom framed for a specific décor effect to create a gallery wall.

TV Surround

A television can be a problem area for decorating, especially if you don't have an entertainment center. A gallery wall solves this problem. Start by having your photos framed in shades of gray to match the television when it's off. Make sure at least a couple of the frames match the television's rectangle ratio. Collect other grayscale items, such as signs, mirrors, and wall letters. Artfully display all your pictures and items so the television is the centerpiece.

Stairway Gallery

A stairway is a classic space for creating a gallery wall, especially for family photos. For this gallery wall, consider the color palette in the foyer. Have the photos framed in shades from that palette, though you could choose different textural finishes. Vary the size of the frames, but try to keep within the same ratio. Before you start clambering up and down the stairs to hang the photos, lay them out on the floor until you get a pleasing configuration. Once you're satisfied, you can hang the photos up in your stairway gallery.

Layers of Metal

Photos may be just one part of a larger display, especially if you combine them with shelving. Better Homes and Gardens describes a creative display using copper accenting. When creating such a display, you need a unifying factor, in this case the copper accenting. Have your photos framed in shades that match that room's décor, though at least one should be in metal. Choose a few items in your chosen metal – look for shapes that differ from the picture frames. Set the display together with a few décor items that add either texture or color.

Vacation Mementos

You could also create a gallery wall for your vacation mementos. In this case, have not just photos but also mementos framed. Consider choosing frames that reflect the theme of your vacation. You could hang them all up on a wall or utilize shelving for a larger display. For example, consider assembling a pair of shelves with a display of souvenirs, framed photos, and framed maps. You could include items reminiscent of the vacation, such as seashells for a beach getaway.

Start with custom frames around your photos and mementos, then assemble a creative display for your gallery wall. Check with places like Direct Wholesale Framing for more ideas.