Granite is a common material to use for countertops, and while it is an attractive and durable type of stone, it will be important to take proper care of it. Otherwise, you may find that your countertops are more prone to suffering damage and stains than you had previously anticipated. Luckily, caring for a granite countertop can be made to be a simple task by following several tips.

Apply A Stain Resistant Sealant To The Granite

Granite is naturally fairly resistant to developing stains, but it should be observed that stains can still form on these surfaces. Once stains are able to set into the stone, they can be almost impossible to remove without resurfacing the granite. Luckily, stain resistant sealants are fairly affordable options that can be used to protect the granite against stains. These substances will need to be applied once or twice a year as the sealant can wear off fairly quickly due to the constant use the countertop will experience. Prior to applying a sealant to your granite countertop, you will want to thoroughly clean it so that dirt does not inhibit the sealant from protecting the countertop.

Always Use A Cutting Board

There are many people that may cut vegetables and other foods directly on the countertop. This may not seem like it will pose significant problems, but your knife can be sharp enough to leave deep cuts in the stone. In addition to creating cosmetic concerns, this can also make it easier for water and other liquids to seep deep into the stone. This can contribute to staining as well as cracking. Preventing the worst of these consequences will require you to always use a cutting board when preparing food. When using the cutting board, you should place a dishcloth under it. As you use the cutting board, it can slide, which can leave deep scratches in the surface of the granite.

Know The Steps For Regularly Cleaning The Granite

The steps for cleaning granite may see as though they will be complicated, but this stone is resilient enough to make cleaning a simple task. In most instances, you will be able to thoroughly clean the granite by using a damp cloth to vigorously wipe it. For disinfecting, you can mix a gentle dish soap into the water on the cloth. Make sure to thoroughly rinse and dry the countertop after you clean it. Otherwise, any dish soap that is left behind can leave a sticky film, which can contribute to the countertop becoming dirty more quickly.